Our Poster Prize Winners 2016

First place: Dvir Gur

(...) That was my first Bio-inspired conference and I really enjoyed it.  The variety of different aspects that were presented in the conference really gave a good overview of the field. Personally I enjoyed the talks and the opportunity to have a lot of very interesting discussions and to meet some great people.

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Second place: Mie Elholm Birkbak

(...) The Bio-inspired conference is an excellent forum for meeting colleagues and getting new inspiration for development of your project. Discussing your work with people really helps seeing problems from a new perspective and fresh eyes often lead to new ideas.

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Third place: Jessica Huss

(...) My favourite keynote lectures were given by J. Aizenberg and M. Stevens. Both presented impressive insights into their creative research design and showed potential applications in the respective fields, which is probably one of the most challenging tasks for everyone working in fundamental research. Besides the lectures, the poster discussions and coffee breaks provided a good opportunity for face-to-face communications and exchange of ideas. 

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